As already mentioned, tourism in Dagestan is only just emerging. We are therefore especially happy to see two tourism events taking place in November in our  hometown Kaspiysk. Great opportunities to meet old friends and connect with new people.

Tuesday, December 14th, 2021 20:00 (UK time) will be our next online presentation about travelling Dagestan.

No registration or payment is needed, just click on the Zoom video-conference link to join
You are most welcome to also forward this invitation to family and friends.

One more information upfront for the readers of our Newsletters: 

After two years without any changes, we plan to increase the prices of our adventure tours by around 10% on Jan. 9th 2022.
Of course, nothing will change for guests who have booked already, we are looking forward to your visit!

All the best and greetings from Dagestan,

      Andreas and Svetlana

"Bergtour im Buchanka" - Video from Explorer Magazin

The German Explorer Magazin has published their video from their journeys around Dagestan by UAZ Camper. Here also a detailed article for the subscribers of their magazine. (all in German)

Our guests

“No T-Shirt weather? That’s just right for us, we are coming in November! 
Paul and Johann were the first father / son team to explore Dagestan in our UAZ buses and enjoyed a really unforgettable trip!

Big Tourism Forum "Open Dagestan 2021"

Many thanks to the Ministry of Tourism in Dagestan, who organized a  fantastic event. A large exhibition in our hometown Kaspiysk where almost all Dagestani regions were represented with food and drink, traditional costumes and dances – two videos below.

2nd English-speaking tourism meeting in Dagestan

Our long-term goal is the development of sustainable, international tourism in Dagestan. In order to lay a solid basis for this, we have again organized a meeting of our English-speaking friends and partners. We were very happy to see also many students coming to our meeting.

Virtual Caucaus Tours

Our friends at (who were also the inspiration for our virtual Dagestan trip) did an amazing job. 
Together with local partners, Andrew and Josh have created a series of virtual trips on which you can explore the North Caucasus in a very personal way.

The unique thing is that your hosts personally takes you on an excursion to the most beautiful places in his or her home country.
Click on one of the pictures to find out more details about the trips (English, approx. 1h).

Travel restrictions & Visa

Russia is now already open for tourists from around 60 countries!
See the full list and all information here:

More pictures and videos

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